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How do I sign up?

Yay! It’s easy, just click here to fill out the sign up form. You will begin with the next book feature sent on the first of every month. By downloading the book and signing up for our mailing list, you're agreeing to be subscribed to all of Romance Rebel Book Club authors mailing list.


You are welcome to unsubscribe, if you'd like, but we hope you'll stay and fall in love with what our authors have to offer.


How much does it cost me to join? 

Zero. Zilch. Nada. Romance Rebel Book Club is FREE to all newsletter subscribers. 


What is the price of the featured book of the month? 

The featured book of the month is FREE only when you visit the link in the feature email. If you attempt to download through a retail platform (i.e. Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, etc.), the price will be set by the author.


How do I get the book? 

On the first of every month, you will receive an email from the Romance Rebel Book Club introducing you to a free book and the author, along with a unique redemption link for downloading. This is only available for a limited time, so we recommend snagging your copy when the email hits your inbox. We will also include instructions for downloading.


What authors will I receive free books from this year?

We are excited to have the following authors being featured exclusively with free books in 2021: 


Claudia Burgoa - Lyssa Cole - Charity Ferrell - Rebecca Jenshak - Jeana E. Mann
Molly McLain - Brooke O'Brien - Holly Renee - Isabel Lucero - Rebecca Sharp

T.L Smith - Joslyn Westbrook


Can I get the books if I live outside of the United States?

Yes, you certainly can! The free books are available to download worldwide. 


How long are the free download codes good for? 

The free download codes are good for only thirty days.  After that, you won’t be able to download the book anymore.  Don’t worry though, we’ll have another free book hitting your inbox soon! 


HELP! I can’t find my email, but I know I registered.  Can you resend it to me?

I would recommend confirming you’ve registered for our newsletter here. If you get a message that you’re on our list, then you should be good to go.


If you’ve confirmed you’re already registered, please check your spam/junk email folders in your inbox. Hopefully you can locate the email this way! We also recommend adding to your Address Book to avoid this from happening again.


If you are still not able to receive the email, we recommend unsubscribing from the newsletter and re-subscribing. You will receive the automation email with the link to download your copy as an auto-resend as well.


Do you know the email to with BookFunnel or Prolific Works for help?

Absolutely! You can partner go to their Contact page for assistance on frequently asked questions or submit your question for support.


BookFunnel at

Prolific Works at


Can I share access with a friend so we can buddy read? 

The link you receive monthly is only valid to redeem once. We’d love to have your friend join us though! We recommend having your friend join the newsletter so they can receive the automated email with the link.